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At VCR Forestry we want to help you with the process of marketing and selling your trees for top dollar. Our team of professionals have over 30 years of experience in the business. We work with many of the sawmills in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland and can get you the best price for your timber in the time frame that you need it. 

No two tracts of timber are the same. There are many variables that affect the price that is offered for your trees, but what remains consistent is our promise to you that we will look at every possible angle to get you, the landowner, the most money for your timber offered for what you have. 

We have years of experience and by keeping our finger on the pulse of the logging industry we know exactly what will bring the most money for our clients. And sometimes, we recommend that you don't sell until the prices come back up if that is in your best interest. 

Mission statement – We strive to take all the variables that our clients present to us and bring them a plan of action that will result in the largest offer we can get for the timber they have. Your satisfaction at every step of the process is our goal. 

We look forward to you giving us the chance to serve you. Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions you might have.  TELL US ABOUT YOUR 20+ ACRES OF TIMBER




Timber Sales

If you have 20 acres or more let us market your timber in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland and convert trees into cash. Get top dollar for your timber in a relatively short time. 

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Timber Harvest

We manage every aspect of your harvest project to make sure the timber harvest process is as seamless as possible.

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Give us a call or send us an email about your timber. 

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Timber Sales and Numbers

Why Should I Sell My Timber

  • The number one reason people sell their timber is because it provides a large lump sum of money in usually under sixty days to the landowner. 
  • Timber is a renewable natural resource that can be harvested approximately every 25 years.
  • Harvesting timber does not alter the value of the land if done properly. 
  • The majority of people actually never go into the timber they intend to harvest because it is usually to thick or overgrown. Over time it just sits and becomes an underutilized asset that is often overlooked. 

Numbers related to timber harvest:

  • The US has 8% of the worlds forest. There are 3 Trillion trees on Earth.
  • On the East Coast forest growth has exceeded harvest by 42% since 1940 and the number of trees have doubled in the last 70 years.
  • The average number of trees in Virginia per acre is 1700.
  • The average number of trees harvested by VCR Forestry per acre is 30 leaving 93% of trees intact for future use.
  • When a large tree is harvested, the addition of new sunlight to the forest floor allows for the growth of up to 35 new trees in the space it occupied.


VCR Foresty

Timber Sales Process

1. Signed contract with VCR Forestry to represent landowner in marketing timber

  • Due to the nature of the business, VCR Forestry is always financially responsible for the initial phases of the timber process. Without a signed contract between our company and the landowner, we can not operate under the premise of good faith that business will arise out of our initial meetings.
  • Once a contract is signed, VCR Forestry can represent you in its full capacity to maximize the needs you have for your timber.
  • The contract does not obligate you to sell your timber, it only outlines the working agreement and commission paid in the event that VCR Forestry brings an offer from a buyer to purchase your timber.

2. Timber cruise to get accurate tree and species count on property

  • Once there is a signed contract VCR Forestry will send an independent contractor to perform a “timber cruise”.
  • The forester will take an inventory of the available timber with respect to species, diameter and height of trees. 
  • From this data, the forester is able to make an estimate of board footage that can be harvested from a given stand of timber.

3. Market timber to prospective buyers

  • Once the timber cruise is complete it will be marketed to potential buyers/mills in the surrounding area. The number of buyers/mills is usually limited to 90 miles from the operation because of trucking constraints.
  • There are many factors that impact the price offered for the timber. Market price for a typical species is the main driver for offers from buyers/mills.
  • Like any business, each buyer is subject to supply and demand constraints in their business. If a buyer needs timber, he will offer a higher price. If he has an oversupply then his offer will be lower.
  • All timber buyers will send a representative out to gauge quality of timber to ensure what they are buying. Once the timber is purchased, they can not go back and adjust should they not harvest the amount of timber they initially purchased.
  • Once an offer is received and there is a signed contract with buyer, the landowner will receive their payment in as little as one to two weeks. 

4. Upon sale of timber, work with landowner and harvest crew during the entire process

  • Once payment is received by the landowner, VCR Forestry will act as an agent between them and the harvest company to ensure their needs are met. 
  • VCR Forestry will help ensure that all bmp’s and laws are followed. 
  • All logging operations fall under Virginia Law and all the loggers we work with are experts in their field both in harvesting and ensuring the wishes of landowners are met.
  • VCR Forestry will do everything in its power to ensure that the entire process is seamless and efficient as possible for all parties. 



If you would like to learn more about either the timber sales process or the timber harvest process please feel free to look at the files below. We have created them so that you feel more comfortable with the different aspects of the timber sales and harvest process. Feel free to ask any questions about anything you want more information on. 

Meet Our Team

Calvert Clark


Head broker and owner of VCR Forestry. In addition to being the lead timber buyer and seller he is responsible for harvest plan creation to ensure each job is a success in the customers eyes. 

Douglas Barnes


Logistics manager for pre harvest and active timber harvests. Also handles customer relations as well as job compliance officer for active and completed projects.

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Send us a message if you have 20+ acres of timber to sell because we buy trees. Our forestry department needs to know size of tract in acres, physical address, the county the property is in, tax id or parcel id if available and the name the property is listed under. If you would prefer we call with a ball park estimate include your phone number and the best time to reach you. We will do anything in our power to win your business. 

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